My Tourin Wordcamp Experience

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My experience of Tourin WordCamp

Here on a trip from Turin to Venice (yes I am from the province of Treviso but I live near Venice) After 3 non-stop days, made of uncomfortable travel, new experiences many many hours of sleep less. I am writing to you with the intention of bringing down a tear, a sweet little real tear for all the emotions you have made me experience.

As I have had the opportunity to tell many of you, in the past during college I participated in a three-day format, startup weekend, at that event I learned a lot, about public speaking and people in general.

Some time ago in a post, I discussed the value of contamination, which is not meant as getting dirty but is meant as getting involved with the thoughts and ideas of others.

I invited you to email me. To guest post on my blog. I ask you to contaminate yourself with joy, in fact the name of my blog is puragioia.

Someday I will also tell the story of the site name! (Promise)

Asking to write in my blog, represents a challenge. I am throwing a few small pebbles into the pond, in the hope that the waves the pebbles cause, will reach so many of you.

I want to share with you, how this period is a time of great change for me.

But let’s describe the Word Camp experience, a social experiment, where you can meet people from all over the world, where you can make friends and you can bring your ideas to anyone.

After an almost sleepless night on the flixbus from Treviso I started my day with an intense mentoring session with Isotta, Giulia and Stefano after all this advice my request to restart the Treviso meetup was granted (At least we try) p.s. if you know someone from Treviso please share this very long letter.

After this mentoring session, I then attended the Contributor day, going around the various tables a bit, and passing out my business card to everyone!

I apologize but you wrote it down to prepare the business card eh!

Anyway I got to see, at work an excellent fellow developer, patiently and dedicatedly explain the basics of WordPress plug-in programming!

I then chatted with people, who really put their hearts ❤️ (here the tear I promised you) into what they do.

Thank you Giorgia for your advice, for putting so much effort to get me talking to the right people.

(The background of how we met I leave to Giorgia).

End of the day, after starting to explore the Turin transportation system, here Bolt (he should give me sponsorship ) I started compulsively renting electric bikes in Turin to make the journey from my Hostel (Alfieri 2) to the WordCamp venue.

Bike and scooter rental experience in the next article. (Promise)

An excellent dinner at Piazza dei Mestieri was the right location for a game that is nonetheless useful for getting acquainted and fostering team Building.

An excellent dinner at Trades Square was the right location for a game that is nonetheless useful for getting acquainted and fostering team building.

Finally after a day that lasted maybe 36 hours and the rental of another Bolt, shower and nap on the bunk bed of Alfieri 2.

Wake up early, have nightmares, at 3am I dream that everything was stolen, actually realize I don’t have my wallet with me, (actually it was inside the locker but moment of panic)

finally at 6e30 am I get up to get ready for the day of fire on speaker day!

P.s. I didn’t find the red shirt in my size, but you know maybe it’s a sign that I still need to lose some weight !

As WordCamp staff my job was Door keeper i.e., to tell those who were late that they could not enter the hall. (Because registration is taking place and thus a flurry of people distracts the speaker of the moment).

Finally, here I am in the afternoon, where I started talking to Maja Loncar.

I love her American accent! And it is the first thing I said to her when we met!

I really hope to bring a speach there from you!

She advised me to translate this blog, to share my story abroad too!

And finally an endless series of meetings, I left my note to 3/4 of the people there!

Who knows, maybe someone might criticize my direct way of interfacing, however, I learned from one of the best unfuckables on the web! (Guess who I am talking about).

Now at 1 a.m., I am closing this long post.

I will record an audio of this blog, speaking of accessibility, knowing that there are people who have difficulty reading, due to dyslexia will make me create even more audio content.

Thanks to everyone first and foremost to Chiara, my one and only, love of my life, ❤️ who supports and puts up with me in my craziness, even at the cost of a lot of anxiety about the distance and the fact that I travel alone.

(But do tell them, too, that WordPress is a fun, healthy, inclusive and beautiful community.)

Explain how useful it can be for you too to be part of it to create a future for yourself in design!

And that’s it otherwise I won’t close anymore.

I just say thank you, thank you to every person I met your names I don’t remember all of them but I had very good times together with each of you.

Good Night


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