Who I am

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Web developer, for 10 years. I am passionate about the WordPress world and programming in general.


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I have different interests, ranging from personal growth to programming.


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I don’t mind travelling, visiting different places and letting myself be contaminated by different ideas and professionalism.


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I like music, (especially rock, but also classical). Also in my free time (not much) I read comics, in particular I like reading Zagor, a comic by Bonelli who has now turned 80! The passion for this comic comes from the fact that I have been reading my father’s old collection for years.


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I enjoy watching TV series and Anime.


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I also learned and studied sports poker, I’m at the pokerstars tables every now and then (almost never now), especially cash level 0.05 / 0.10 cents.


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My other passion is technology and artificial intelligence, I’m a serial early adopter and I like to experiment with technology.


I have recently opened my personal business, solutionsweb.net you can visit my site or ask me for a quote, the motto of my business is:

We code your dream! So what are you waiting for, tell me your dreams and let’s make them come true together!

To a life of pure joy, 


Vincenzo (Web Developer)



If you want to learn more about early adopters, I have an article about it  here.



You can contact me via this form if you want:

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